With our modern fleet of equipment and through collaboration with a multitude of industry associates, XCaliber is able to provide our customers with innovative and cost effective hoisting solutions. We are able to provide cranes from 10 ton up to 500 ton hydraulics. We make a point of working with customers in the pre-job planning stage to ensure that the most effective approach is presented and that the proper equipment is dispatched.

XCaliber continues to be a leader in providing safe, cost efficient service, including our supplementary services:

Rigging Rentals

From spreader bars to man baskets, we rent it all.

Supervisory and Consulting Services

Providing expert guidance and oversight to ensure that lifting activities are carried out safely and efficiently. This includes project planning, risk assessment, compliance with safety regulations, and technical advice on the use of various lifting equipment and techniques.

Lift Planning

Meticulous preparation and strategizing of crane lifting operations to ensure safety, efficiency, and compliance with regulations. Lift Planning includes analyzing load characteristics, selecting appropriate crane types and capacities, determining rigging arrangements, and mapping out precise lifting sequences and paths.

Specialty Lift Services

Catering to unique and complex lifting needs that require specialized equipment and expert handling. Our specialty Lift Services are designed for challenging projects, involving intricate maneuvers or handling of irregularly shaped, oversized, or extremely heavy loads in constrained or unconventional environments.

Limited Access Solutions

Specialized services designed to tackle lifting and rigging challenges in restricted or hard-to-reach areas. This involves using compact, versatile equipment and innovative techniques to safely and efficiently conduct lifts in confined spaces, urban settings, or other environments where traditional equipment cannot operate effectively.

Contract Lifting

XCaliber is your contract lifting partner. We Plan, provide the right crane and rigging equipment, execute the lift, and ensure compliance with all safety and regulatory standards, offering a hassle-free experience for our clients.

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